DJ Jim B. Donovan

Jim B. Donovan – A Life In Music – All Vinyl.

Jim got into Modern Jazz at the tender age of 13 in 1959. In 1962 he started to play records at parties and by 1965 was fully embracing the way jazz had changed into R&B and Soul music. He became resident for three years from 1965 at Herefords only Mod venue the 1600 Club, as well as undertaking guest spots at the iconic blue moon club in Cheltenham. During this period he was to meet many fledgling music stars of the club circuit.

As the music changed in the late 60’s he started an early mobile disco, which in the 70’s mainly embraced Soul music. Come the 80’s he sold out and moved into more conventional types of popular music, running the mobile based around the top 40. Come the late 90’s, when he gave up a proper job to open a memorabilia/vinyl store, he attempted to slow down the mobile because there was so little vinyl around and moved into club DJing. This initially involved playing at the Afroba – now Milk – since 2002 where he has undertaken a plethora of different nights which now embrace Soul/Reggae/Jazz/“virtually play anything” nights – The Trip – on a monthly basis. This gave him a chance to play out with the sort of music he had been collecting, having bought 3 records a day for 59 years.

All his sets for many years have been recorded and there are currently nearly 500 on Mixcloud. An evening where he talks and plays music based around his early days in the 60’s is here:

He also pops up at the purple turtle at the Swing/Rock & Roll night, and Sub 89, where he has played with a few name DJs/bands.

His shop website is at where playlists are also available. He very much looks forward to participating in this new radio venture and promises not to talk too much between records!