Peter & Lisa’s More Than Soul Radio Show

Our usual Sunday show will stay on a Monday at 8.30pm until the Autumn….







Peter & Lisa met when they were both dj-ing, Peter has been a soul boy since his teens and Lisa’s background was predominately 50’s RnB and 60’s soul, both have an absolute passion for Soul music and the many sub-sections within that genre (Northern Soul, Motown, Philly).

Their vinyl collections contain tunes that they seriously love – its not just a collecting thing, its their life! They Dj up and down the country at various Soul clubs (Salisbury, Wigan and Worksop to name but a few), and Skegness Soul Survivors weekend. They also run their own Soul Club, The Right Track every month in their hometown Reading, and are also running The Right Track Northern Soul Arena at Nedwood Music Festival in Leicestershire.

They love hearing tunes they’ve never heard before, so because of this, they want to share these tunes and many others on their new Radio Station. They like to introduce underplayed or even unknown tunes into their Dj sets, which is often why they are always invited back to Soul Clubs.

Nothing beats Dj’ing and the buzz you get from a full floor!